What is the Most Popular Wood Floor Colour in 2024?

Wood Floor Colour in 2022
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    What will be the Most Popular Wood Floor Colour in 2024?

    The functional aspects of Wood flooring are of overriding importance, but its visual appeal is also fast gaining significance as a predominant feature of interior design. Wood floor colour is an important feature to consider in this regard. 

    Popular wood floor colour

    Earlier, the range of choice in the finishes to wooden flooring, were limited in terms of material, hue and cost. But present day markets are replete with a wide spectrum of options. Focussing on hues alone, catalogues of interior designers have a palette of colours topick from. But what is the most popular wood floor colour in the current market trends?

    Hardwood can also be naturally light hued, and light coloured hardwood has madesignificant market impact. Sanded smooth and left in its natural colour, it is popular for brightening up the living space and giving interior designs a fresh and crisp look. Light wood is great to open up the interior space, making it feel roomier. Nevertheless, the current trends  are indicating a proclivity for the darker brown hues of wood for flooring. The pandemic effect has clearly seeped into living styles.
    “Mid to dark brown wood floors are starting to have a moment,” says Marc Bacher, founder of Scandinavian hardwood floor company  Stuga .
    People are tending to choose ‘cosier and more nostalgic spaces’ Bacher goes on.
    “Brown flooring adds comforting, visual warmth. It invites you to slow down.” And it’ll forever be a classic. “It may be on trend now, but it will never go out of style,” he asserts.

    Then which colour is going to be on the trending list in 2024 will be the most relevant query. The people’s inclination towards aesthetics and vintage shades is not going to go down but will rise in the coming years. So most probably, the popular wood floor colour of 2024 will be an extreme exploitation of human nostalgia, an alluring and well-balanced combination of light, airy tones, offering the ideal mix of classic elegance and contemporary flair.

    Deciding Between Lighter and Darker Hued Wood Floors

    Hardwood flooring is imagined to be on the darker side of the spectrum. In reality quite a bit of the lighter hardwood flooring you see is naturally light, or have been topped with lighter stain.

    A crucial factor to consider when choosing the preferred wood floor colour for 2024 is the decision between lighter and deeper-hued wood flooring. Being the trending colours in wood floors, they possess versatility, allowing them to harmonise with various decor styles and foster a cosier atmosphere in homes. Conversely, darker wood flooring bestows depth and cosiness on your space, exuding refinement and richness.

    Ultimately, the choice will depend on your sense of style and the mood you wish to create, as both options offer attractive qualities.

    Light Hued Flooring

    Light wood flooring can be just as alluring and attractive as dark wood. Covering the entire floor area, the colour and texture can delude the senses. You perceive the space as bigger than it is. Cooler colours and tones tend to vanish in the periphery. The perception of depth is amplified by tonal variations in the layout, and the overall lightness is still maintained.

    People who desire an airy and modern atmosphere in their spaces often opt for light-coloured wood flooring. These floors create a sense of openness and brightness, making rooms appear more spacious and inviting with their popular wood flooring stains. The smooth, gentle tones of light wood establish a calm and serene ambience, perfect for creating a tranquil home environment. Their versatility enables homeowners to align their decor preferences with various interior styles, from traditional to minimalist. Light-coloured wood flooring is a popular choice in interior design, as it introduces a touch of modernism and timeless elegance to any space.

    Pros of Light coloured Flooring

    • Makes interior space appear larger
    • Hides dust and grime better
    • Lends a more organic texture
    • Suitable for versatile interior designs

    Cons of Light coloured Flooring

    • Fades faster resulting in a blanched look
    • Doesn’t compliment light coloured furniture
    • Water stains and gaps jump out at you
    • Knots and gnarls in the wood stand out..( but this is sometimes tasteful like in pinewood finishes)

    Dark Hued Flooring

    Dark hard wood flooring on the other hand, has an ageless appeal that blends it seamlessly into any design setting from commercial to home. It possesses a natural style and elegance that many people associate with luxurious living. It has floored (excuse the pun) mankind for centuries without relinquishing its aura of coziness and warmth. A glossy dark wooden floor creates depth with its mirror-like finish. Lying in contrast to white or light coloured vertical walls, you can make furniture standout starkly.

    Dark-hued wood flooring is widely known for adding that magic vintage touch to the existing interior spaces. These floors infuse rooms with depth and personality, resulting in a dramatic and opulent ambience. Dark wood’s rich, deep tones offer a versatile design choice that complements both classic and modern home decor. They also blend easily with different interior styles, making a best blend of traditionality with contemporary. These modern wood floor colours enhance the aesthetics of any space, giving it a classic and refined appearance that never goes out of style.

    Pros of Dark hued Flooring

    • Dark wood absorbs light and is thus less likely to fade. This is significant when it comes to maintenance and refinishing.
    • Dark wood displays its grain much better than light wood. This adds considerable class and elegance in aesthetic appeal, boosting home appraisal values.
    • Dark wood provides stark contrast for many colour tones. Interior decorators love it to project their designs in furniture and fixtures.

    Cons of Dark hued Flooring

    • Without a scratch-resistant coating, scratches show up very prominently.
      Heavy furniture without pads can cause havoc to the flooring finish.
    • Dirt and dust is revealed much easier on dark flooring. So cleaning chores
    • If you aren’t designing for a cozy, bijou interior, interiors with dark flooring can be perceived as smaller. You could offset this effect with light coloured walls to create a balance.

    What is the Most Popular Stain Colour for Hardwood Floors?

    In 2019, designers opined that both light and dark stains were selling in balanced volume. But since the onset of the pandemic and changed living styles, there is a definite trend towards the darker hues. Ebony tones for a deep black-coffee flair and drama is the trending hue for 2022. Jacobean is currently the most in demand though, and people concoct a 50/50 blend of the two, creating the ‘espresso’ which is richly complimented.But since 2019 the drift is towards a hue even darker than Ebony. Duraseal came outwith ‘True Black’.

    Interior design trends will dictate the most popular stain colours for hardwood floors in 2024. Lighter and more natural wood tones continue to hold sway, emphasising colours that convey an open and airy ambience. This choice aligns with the prevailing trend towards modern, minimalist design. Stylish hardwood floor Colours of soft grey and greyish-brown are also gaining traction, imparting a contemporary twist to traditional wood flooring. Stain selections for 2024 are going to be classic and eco-friendly.

    Here are more colours trending in 2024

    • Dark Walnut
    • Royal Mahogany
    • Golden Oak
    • Provincial
    • Special Walnut
    • Walnut ( similar to special Walnut but lighter)

    Final thoughts and considerations for your new wood floor

    When making your selection for a new wood floor in 2024, it’s crucial to consider past trends and forecast future shifts. Current trends suggest that the timeless and versatile appeal of lighter and more natural wood tones will likely continue their popularity. Sustainable and eco-friendly choices will gain increased favour with growing environmental consciousness. The latest stains for wooden floors, including soft grey and greyish-brown stains, will persist as a sought-after option, merging traditional wood flooring with modern design.

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