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Solid wood is from Maple, Teak, Oak, Redwood, Mahogany wood, while Engineered wood is a composite material formed by binding wood with the strands, particles, fibers or veneers. Solid wood does not stand up well to constant moisture, where you will see the warping, Engineered wood on other hand is more moisture resistant than solid wood and it does not warp or change dimensions very easily when exposed to moisture. As the Solid wood is fully from trees, its more expensive and less sustainable. Engineered wood is affordable and sustainable.

Engineered wood floor is made of real wood and derivatives, the top layer is made of real wood and beneath you will find core board and bottom layer. The core board is made from materials that are considered more stable than solid wood flooring when exposed to changes in moisture and heat and it provides strength and stability to the overall floor.

Parquet is a style of wood flooring made by arranging wooden blocks in distinct, repeating, or geometric patterns. Parquet Flooring can be installed one block at a time or as in a tile form, where the wood slats are bonded to a base.

Many styles and designs are available, leading ones are Albert, Chantilly, Chateau, Chevron, Cross Cassette, Empire, Etoile, Herringbone/Block, Renaissance, Variance, Versailles. You can find them in our Design Pages

Chevron is a parquet design, where the planks are laid in V or inverted V pattern. Chevron Wood Flooring is a timeless design and is fashionable due to beautiful chevron pattern.

Herringbone flooring is another style of parquet flooring, where pieces of engineered wood are arranged in a decorative pattern. The flooring patterns are distinctive with angular and geometric in design, such as squares, lozenges, and triangles. In some cases, the pattern is curved. Herringbone flooring patterns are a very popular choice.

Chevron and Herringbone styles are similar in their flooring patterns. The main difference is in how the patterns zigzag. While Herringbone uses a broken zigzag pattern, Chevron has a continuous zigzag.

Trade Flooring UK’s engineered wood is one of the finest in industry and they are made with the best in every layer. Our engineered wood floors consist of three layers composed of solid wood, Core board offering stability and balancing layer. These are put together using the most modern technology making them solid and stable.

Depending on the quantity required, we can provide the timeline. Usually, bespoke flooring requires a minimum period of 2 to 4 weeks, though for smaller quantities we can provide on a lesser timescale. We will always try our best to achieve your required time scales.

Advantage of Engineered Wood flooring is that you can put under floor heating, however, it’s extremely important to install the underfloor heating correctly.

We arrange trusted heating engineers for the same.


Regular cleaning is perhaps the easiest and best way to keep your floor new. They make and keep the flooring like new and add to the durability of your engineered wood floor. Regular vacuuming, followed by an occasional wipe down with a damp cloth, is highly recommended.

Be it hardwood or engineered wood, prolonged exposure to moisture can cause many issues, its generally one of the most common flooring issues. Although engineered wood has greater dimensional stability than hardwood, it is prone to moisture issues on sustained exposure. Using a wood moisture meter will help in checking the moisture in your engineered wood flooring planks. You can also try adjusting the humidity in your room to avoid any moisture issue.

When you are cleaning your floors, you must not only think about keeping them clean but also keeping them shiny and lustrous. If you think that your engineered wood floors are growing dull and developing scratches, a lacquer refresher can put an end to your concerns.

Stains create severe damage to wooden flooring including engineered wooden floor. Always try to protect the floor from stains as much as possible and avoid incidents that lead to it. In cases where liquid spillage and stains occur, clean immediately before it causes significant damage. Use a mild spray cleaner and gently rub the surface. Do not use harsh products and never aggressively scrub the surface of your engineered wood floors as both will damage the wood on the flooring.

While scratches and scrape marks can be treated with lacquer refresher, severe damages and deep impact damages will need immediate and adequate attention. If the damage reached the inner layers of your flooring, you need to get professionals to address them.

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