History of Engineered Wood Flooring: What is Engineered Wood Flooring

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    The fascinating wood floors come in many styles and varieties which lead to many of the factors determining the selection of wood flooring, which some of us are not familiar with.

    Among the wood flooring the best is Engineered Wood Flooring. There are several factors to put into consideration before investing into it. To give you a better insight into these factors, we will discuss various modules of engineered hardwood flooring installation and investing factors.

    What is Engineered Wood Flooring?

    In the late 20th century Engineered Wood Flooring gained its popularity in Europe and captured the importance in market share but the knowledge of the Engineered Wood Flooring was still very limited.

    Engineered Wood Flooring uses four times less clear hardwood than real wood flooring, thus open to more opportunities to build hardwood resources. Engineered Wood Flooring has wood flooring underlay that is resistant to moisture sensitivity, which means it has no trouble with expansion and contraction and has more stability as the temperature changes and longer durability.

    The ease in installation makes it ideal for both DIY and professional installation and also known as Direct Wood Flooring. Utilized by various industrial, domestic and commercial buildings, etc.

    with different Engineered wood floors. Engineered Wood Flooring is not finite to one type only, there are wooden tiles, wooden floorboards, stone flooring, sealed wood, wood effect tiles, etc.

    With the broad array of flooring materials, engineered hardwood flooring is not only the most popular but also one of the cheap wood flooring.

    How Engineered Wood Flooring is unique?

    Hardwood floors or TImber floors have their own beautiful natural texture. To decide which is most suitable for your interior, there are various options to choose from, wood species with color variations or surface finishing with different patterns and styles, etc.

    Hardwood floor types refers to the way in which the material is put together and the type of wood has been used.

    If selected on the basis of surfaces there are laminate wood flooring and vinyl wood flooring : it is entirely synthetic, parquet wood flooring : uses different layers of wood herringbone wood floor is the most popular type of parquet flooring, solid wood flooring.

    If selected on the basis of wood species like oak flooring, maple flooring, walnut wood flooring and cherry flooring are all good choices as they reclaimed wood flooring and are easily available in an affordable budget compared to hardwood flooring.

    Apart from these, there are bamboo, ash, mahogany and other exotic species to choose from with color variations like grey wood flooring, dark wood flooring and white wood flooring are the most common among all.

    Implementations of Engineered Wood Flooring

    Engineered Flooring is put to use in different architects like, office buildings, commercial buildings, houses, etc.

    The most valuable features of Engineered wood floors are it lasts upto 25 -35 years and it is environment friendly.

    In Europe, North America, Canada and other countries as well, you will notice wood tile floors, wood floors kitchen, wood floors bathroom, installed in their hotels, houses, offices buildings.

    Even synthetic flooring as wood vinyl flooring, wood laminate flooring or reclaimed parquet flooring have become most popular among wood flooring.

    Thus, we can see the market of Engineered Wood Flooring making its place in the market and influencing countries worldwide.

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