Maintenance and care tips for parquet flooring to keep it looking beautiful


Parquet wood flooring UK is a typical alternative that offers comfort and uniqueness to any room in your house. Elegant geometric patterns can be found in both simple and intricate parquet wood tile designs. Wooden floor tiles provide a level of attractive appearance unmatched by ordinary strip flooring boards. Although having a massive history that extends back centuries, parquetry is still commonly used today and can even be seen in many modern homes and buildings worldwide. Explore our flooring gallery for thoughts and models. The adhesive installation of parquet wood tiles over a wooden or precast subfloor is also its specified function. A home gains from the elegance and style of parquet flooring. Trade flooring co-professional artisans have the experience and knowledge to produce items with the quality and perfection you need. 

We are the best parquet wood flooring UK, whether you’re working on a new design, renovation, or restoration. From timber design and selection to processing and parquet flooring installation, we are familiar with the entire process. You can choose the ideal match for your particular tastes from a wide range of materials, sizes, and thicknesses offered in our pattern floor tiles.

Maintenance and care tips for parquet flooring

Your wooden floors face new challenges with each passing season. Spring delivers rain as well as soil, summer adds chlorine and salt water, and fall brings more dirt and leaves. Winter brings snow, ice, and salt. However, without all the maintenance, wood floors are simply too beautiful to resist. We are known as a leading parquet wood flooring company in Wembley and delivered high-quality products. If you want to keep your flooring for many years to come, you had better pay close attention to their suggestions.

Cleaning regularly

The place appears organic and warm with wood floors. In addition to being attractive, wood floors are becoming more popular because of their eco-friendly nature. Along with being stable and long-lasting, wood floors are aesthetically pleasing. Installing wooden flooring requires knowledge about how to clean and keep it. cleaning regularly is needed to maintain wood floors. visit our parquet wood flooring company in London

Avoiding water

With the correct management and care, wooden flooring is an attractive and long-lasting choice for flooring. We are the best parquet wood flooring company in UK, providing customers in the UK high-quality parquet
wood flooring at the most attractive pricing. Water and excessive moisture should be kept away from your parquet flooring, although, as they may cause warping, expansion, or even rotting. Here are some suggestions for protecting your parquet flooring from water damage. Use a dehumidifier if you live in a humid area to keep the air in your home dry and stop moisture from collecting on your parquet flooring, Avoid steam cleaning, Use mats and rugs, and so on.

Protecting from sunlight

The brightness and beauty of parquet flooring can enhance your home, but light can also harm it. Trade Flooring is magnificent parquet wood flooring in UK and delivers a quality product. The color of your parquet flooring may eventually fade or discolor due to UV rays from the sun. You may use it to safeguard your parquet flooring. Install window treatments, replace area rugs, use UV-resistant film, and close curtains or blinds during the day.

Protecting from humidity

A parquet floor offers a valid, robust, and natural look. A floor of this kind is typically quite an investment. Looking for a premium parquet wood flooring company in Wembley just visit us we offer the best products for our customers. You want to take the advantage of it as long as you can. Make sure your home has good ventilation to avoid excess moisture condensing on your flooring. To assist with air circulation and moisture reduction, open windows and turn on exhaust fans. Maintaining your parquet floor is as essential to appropriate maintenance.


We use the most current technologies and trends in the wood flooring industry while still maintaining a strong emphasis on dependability and excellent customer service. Over the years, we have developed a great reputation for quality and innovation. We are known as a prominent parquet wood flooring company in UK. We design, produce, and finish various sorts of wood flooring, including planks, boards, and panels with decorative borders that are built to order in the conventional patterns of herringbone and basket, Versailles, and chevron. Our vast product selection enables each project to have a unique personalised style and finish. To get the finish required to improve the project, we cooperate closely with our customer.

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