Must Know Factors of Wood Flooring : Get In depth Details

factors of wood flooring
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    Factors of Wood Flooring

    Considering flooring options for your residential and commercial spaces? Wooden flooring would be the most appropriate choice for your floors. Eco-friendly, durable and natural, you will simply love the appeal it would bring to your spaces.

    You have variety options in wood flooring in UK such as engineered wood flooring, oak flooring, hardwood flooring etc. In oak flooring, white oak flooring is a great choice as engineered hardwood flooring in engineered wood flooring. Make your choice of best wood flooring in UK.

    Wooden flooring

    Interesting features of wood flooring

    • Wood flooring as engineered hardwood flooring last for 20 to 30 years
    • You can find affordable wood flooring in the engineered hardwood flooring varieties
    • All wood flooring are eco-friendly
    • Oak flooring is one among the most durable wood flooring
    • For interior spaces wood flooring is among the most appealing ones.

    What is wood flooring

    Wood flooring uses timber to provide eco-friendly flooring for homes and commercial spaces. Wood flooring can be either aesthetic or structural. It is among the oldest options extensively used at homes and interior spaces from earlier times

    Why wood flooring is good for home interior

    Want to know why wood flooring is ideal for home interiors? There are a host of reasons why you should plan wood floor installation:

    • Wood floors are easier to clean than carpets at homes with children and pets
    • Wood floor installation can improve the appeal of your homes
    • Wooden floors do not fade easily
    • Wood floor installation is cost-effective and thus ideal for even large homes as budget flooring options
    • Classic looks of wood floor make them ideal addition in all home decor themes
    • Enhancing the look of your homes for many years, wood floors are lasting.

    Varieties in wood flooring 

    With its favourable characteristics, wood floors also have varieties that deem it ideal for interior spaces. You will find options as engineered hardwood flooring that will last for 20 to 30 years and also inexpensive varieties of engineered wooden floors to boost the appeal of your interiors.

    Engineered Wood Flooring 

    Engineered flooring provides some of the finest and inexpensive flooring options. Engineered hardwoods are high in durability and can last for 20 to 30 years long. There are even scratch-resistant coated hardwood floors that prevents abrasion on the wood floor surface. In humid conditions, engineered hardwoods are ideal as they not not warp easily. This kind of flooring is also preferable if the  installation is on concrete sub-floor. 

    Solid flooring

    Solid flooring is made from different types of tree timbers but essentially manufactured from a one piece of wood.  The solid wood flooring are tough and most durable. This type wood boards are permanently fixed on the sub floors. They can be sanded and refinished multiple times.

    Hardwood flooring

    Hardwood flooring  are made from tough timbers such as White Oaks and they are most durable. White Oak flooring are manufactured to be scratch resistant and lasting. They can even be used in kitchens and basement.

    Reclaimed Wood

    Reclaimed wood is recycled wood obtained from vintage structures and re-purposed for for other buildings. Such old-growth wood are tough, better quality and has high climatic resistance, thus  more expensive than other woods.

    Some of the best woods for flooring 

    Want to choose the best woods for flooring? Hardwood are the top option. The top solid hardwood varieties are Live Oak, Ebony, Cherry, Bamboo. Hardwood are most durable, tough and resistant to all minor damages.

    Live Oak

    Oak wood is a well-preferred option of hardwood and it has become among the most popular hardwood in America. There are plenty of variations in Oaks and the natural colors can be used than staining Oak woods, thus Oak flooring is widely opted.


    Cherry as Brazilian Cherry  are premium hardwood available in reddish-brown color. It is comparable to Red Oak in terms of stability.


    Bamboo is a good choice of wood for its hardness. This would is highly sustainable and the wood is available in Manila and Yellow tones. Bamboo wood is ideal choice for solid or engineered floors.

    European white oak

    The European White Oak is popular as Common Oak and is native to Europe. The temperate hardwood belongs to European locales as France, England, Poland and Germany. This wood scores high on the hardness test. The hardness score of this Oak variety is double of Cherry, Maple and Pine. It is an ideal choice of wood for durable floors. The quality of wood is worth its cost. The toughness, color, sustainability and attractive grains of the wood is propelling European Oak to good popularity and White Oak flooring is widely used.

    How much does wooden flooring cost

    Wooden floors are total worth for their cost. Choose hardwood floors if you are focusing on durability. Opt engineered hardwood floors if you are seeking inexpensive flooring option. If focusing on aesthetics, then White Oak flooring should be your preference. There are also affordable Oak flooring options which are affordable and attractive alike.

    How to reduce the cost of wooden flooring

    One significant way to lower the cost of wooden flooring is to opt engineered hardwood which is inexpensive. The appeal of the engineered wood is high and it is as attractive as costlier wood flooring options. So, if you want budget-friendly wood flooring options, then plan engineered wood floors.

    Advantages and disadvantages of wooden flooring

    • Wooden floors are tough and most durable
    • Easy maintenance and cleaning is possible
    • Cost-effective flooring option
    • Wood floors are timeless and they add elan to your homes with its classic appeal, aesthetic value.

    Moisture and humidity affected

    Wood floors get spoiled with moisture. They should be protected from spills and water retaining or they will be spoiled. At high humidity areas, wood floors cannot be used or they will be damaged easily.

    Installation issues

    Wooden floors need to be nailed on the sub-floors or be fixed with staples. The installation process is complex.

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