Stairs are one of the most appealing parts of our home. While selecting wood flooring for stairs or landing areas, one must get the aesthetics into consideration. As everyone knows stairs start from the floor, in order to be more immediately visible and to show a more positive impact. For instance we take Wood flooring for stairs, it undoubtedly gives an elegant and sleek look to retain that real charm as the front door opens. Some people go for carpeted stairs, but honestly, such stair though look cozy but do not give that elegance, neither do they suit all sort of properties except for cottages only.

benefits of wood flooring

Trade flooring chooses the best color combo for you!

Majority of the people who opt for wooden stairs, make mistake while choosing the color, thus it is significant to consider the shade of the staircase or landing floor to stay satisfied. So before coming to final decision make sure you choose the right color. Select colors, such as red shades to display luxury, brown to give a country feeling, light colors to give a brighter look, and dark color to make a larger space look shorter. Among with all other factors, make sure you have got the stairs safely and well fitted. Well, leave that onto trade wood flooring, because we have the perfect solution from color suggestion to installation with perfect leveling.

We always measure the stairs well before the fitting to make sure they are perfectly fitted and have that clear-cut finishing. Definitely, who spends so much to get disappointment in return, and so Trade flooring works so hard to make your dream come true. So whenever you contact us for installing wood staircase or landing floor, our experts will help you in the best possible way.

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