How to protect wooden floors from sun damage?

protect wooden floors from sun damage

Wooden flooring improves the overall visual appeal of a space and makes it a classic piece of art.  However, excessive exposure to sunlight will fade the elegance of the woods. This is why the measures to protect wooden floors from sun damage are crucial.

Why does the sun damage wooden floors?

The heat and dangerous radiation from the sun have the power to cause harm to your wooden flooring. Exposure to sunlight for an extended period is a primary reason for these kinds of damages. Heat and radiation destroy the fresh appearance of floors and reduce their beauty. Installing sun protection measures is the first step on how to protect hardwood floors from sun damage.

protect wooden floors from sun damage

How to avoid sun damage on hardwood floors?

Protecting hardwood flooring from sun damage can be done by taking necessary steps to  hide them from the damaging rays. Consider using protective coatings or window coverings like curtains to reduce the quantity of sunlight entering your space. Your hardwood floors will remain beautiful and lasting with this small step.

Choose the Right Finish

Choosing the correct finish is essential for preventing sun damage on wooden floors. Water- and oil-based coatings are two popular choices. Water-based finishes, on the other hand, dry more quickly, look clearer, and release less fumes when applied. To get the ideal appearance and performance for your hardwood floors, selecting the right finish ultimately means striking a balance between durability, practical necessities, and aesthetic preferences.

Use Area Rugs and Mats

Using area rugs and mats is a sensible way to safeguard your flooring and extend its life. Strategically positioning these add-ons in the most engaging areas reduces direct damage to the hardwood underneath. It is important to consider What Rugs Are Best For Hardwood Floors by analyzing the characteristics of your flooring before choosing one. Rugs and matting offer protection from walking footsteps and heavy objects in addition to acting as a barrier against scratches.

Install Window Treatments

The quantity of sunlight that enters your room can be controlled with the use of shades, curtains, or protective films. you will get assistance from Best Wood Flooring company in UK, for choosing the best curtains for minimizing the sun exposure. By selecting window coverings with flexible components, you can control the amount of light exposure during the day.

Rotate Furniture and Decor

One easy yet efficient approach to protect wooden floors from sun damage is to rotate the furniture and décor in your living area regularly. Wear patterns may become apparent with time in regions that are regularly utilized with heavy furniture.

Rearranging furniture and decorative items helps to clear the wear and tear of the area. It makes sure that your hardwood floors age more gradually while still preserving their visual appeal. Changing around your furniture also gives you a chance to update the design and atmosphere of your room.

Regular Cleaning and Maintenance

The lifespan of hardwood floors can extend by routine cleaning and maintenance. Damages to the floor can be caused over time. Using a suitable wood floor cleaner and doing periodic mopping will help get rid of contaminants. There are several ways on How to clean wood floors. Putting doormats at entrances also reduces the quantity of dirt that is carried inside. Maintaining your hardwood floors will keep them shiny and an elegant attraction to your spaces.

Apply UV-Protective Window Films

A wise way to protect your hardwood floors from the sun rays is to apply window films that block UV rays. By serving as a barrier, these coatings limit the quantity of dangerous UV rays that enter buildings through windows. These coatings aid in preventing the fading, staining, and disintegration of wood over time by obstructing UV rays. Transparent and open to natural light, UV-protective window coatings offer an extra line of protection against sun-induced deterioration.


Control Indoor Humidity

Reducing indoor humidity is essential to keeping hardwood floors healthy and durable. Humidity variations can cause the wood to expand or shrink. Best Engineered Wood Flooring company in UK will guide you on managing humidity to make your floors shine extra well. Your hardwood floors will benefit from a more favorable climate that increases their resilience and maintains their natural beauty over time when you carefully manage indoor humidity.

Scheduled Floor Inspections

Scheduling routine floor inspections will help reduce solar damage to your flooring. Regular inspections will help you see early indicators of problems including fading, warping, or discoloration from UV exposure. Through these checks, you can make necessary adjustments and reinforcements to your protections, such as rugs, window curtains, and other items, to make sure that direct sunlight exposure is kept to a minimum.

How to fix already damaged wooden floors from sun damage?

There are a few simple steps involved in how to protect hardwood floors from sun damage. First you should clean and lightly sand the affected area to reveal the bare wood and remove any damaged finish. For a smooth finish, fill in any gaps or cracks using wood filler and let it cure fully before sanding again. When the stain is ready, match its color to the original floor and apply it evenly so that it blends in with the surroundings.

To restore the resilience of the floor, seal the repaired portion with a protective finish. Sun-damaged hardwood floors can be regenerated using this procedure, which returns their original strength and beauty.


It is well worth investing to protect wooden floors from sun damage. Little things such as placing window coverings, employing floor coverings, and keeping humidity levels constant may make a big difference.

Any sun-induced damage must be promptly repaired and inspected regularly. By implementing these precautions into your daily routine, you can guarantee that your wooden floors will always be a durable and classic feature of your  space.

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