Chevron and Herringbone with historical link

Let’s get to know the main difference between Herringbone and Chevron Flooring. Herringbone and chevron wooden floor designs look somehow similar, in fact both have the same history. Along with the shared similarity both fall in the category of parquet flooring, thus they are considered very unique. One thing they do share practically speaking – they’re making a mainstream rebound as examples of contemporary ground floor.

Throwing light on parquet flooring

Parquet flooring is when wood boards are cut into little pieces and introduced in a rehashing design. This style was mainstream during the ninety’s when mathematical shapes were popular. Parquet flooring has taken its place back, particularly herringbone and chevron, however these examples didn’t make their first introduction in the history.

Herringbone and Chevron, the two historical pattern

The name herringbone was motivated by the bone design of the herring fish, and the example was first found in the Empire of Rome. The Romans were first to utilize this sort of design to make strong cleared streets by masterminding rectangular squares. The herringbone design showed up again in the later century as a mainstream style for wood flooring, quite similar to what it is today. Chevron, has also got the same significant charm due to its deep rooted history with the life of royals. Its model was first utilized in the age of bronze, portrayed on bits of ceramics. Both herringbone and chevron show good quality and remain on top list sue to their affiliation with the sixteenth century Europe as a mainstream sort of wood flooring. Well the main difference lies in the angles in which they are cut. But only a professional can tell the difference between the two. Whether anyone install herringbone or chevron, the beauty of both gives texture and detail to the whole interior. Get to know more about the flooring designs on Trade flooring Co.

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