Top 7 Finishes of Engineered Wood Flooring uk

engineered wood flooring in uk

Top 7 Finishes of Engineered Wood Flooring in UK

A lot of people in the UK love engineered wood flooring because it looks great, lasts a long time, and can be used in many different ways. The finish is one of the most important parts of engineered wood flooring that makes it look more appealing. With so many styles to choose from, homeowners can create the perfect atmosphere in their living rooms. This guide covers a lot of ground when it comes to engineered wood flooring in the UK. It focuses on the seven most popular styles right now. With this information, you should be able to make an informed choice about your next flooring job. Now, let’s go on a trip to see how beautiful and useful these 7 Finishes of Engineered Wood Flooring in UK are.

1. Lacquered Finish

 Lacquered finishes are always a good choice. Engineered wood flooring with a glossy finish has many layers of a clear, durable lacquer carefully put on top of the wood. The result is a beautiful, shiny, and smooth finish that brings out the natural color and grain of the wood perfectly. Lacquered finishes are unique because they last a very long time and don’t get worn down easily. This makes them a popular choice for high-traffic places in homes across the UK. Homeowners also like that engineered wood flooring with a glossy finish is low-maintenance because it’s easy to clean and doesn’t need to be resealed often. This makes it a practical and long-lasting choice for any room.

2. Oiled Finish

People who work for the best engineered wood flooring companies in the UK will often tell you how great the oiled finish is. This option gives your flooring a natural, matte look that makes it look great with a wide range of interior styles. Natural oils are used in the process. These oils get deep into the wood fibers and improve the structure while creating a warm, rustic atmosphere. Compared to glossy finishes, oiled finishes may need a little more care, but they have a big benefit: they can be fixed. Because of this, small flaws and scratches are easy to fix, and your engineered wood flooring will look great for years to come.

3. Brushed & Oiled Finish

A brushed and oiled finish gives you the best of both worlds: a rough surface and the benefits of an oiled finish. First, some of the wood’s softer grains are brushed off. This gives the floor a faint texture that gives it depth and personality. The unique thing about this finish is that it protects the wood with natural oils while keeping its natural beauty. This makes the wood look better and makes it stronger, which makes it a great choice for people in the UK who want the best engineered wood flooring. The brushed and oiled finish is the right mix of style and functionality.

4. Matt Lacquered Finish

For London homeowners who care about both longevity and style, the Matt Lacquered Finish is a great option. It adds an elegant finish to the classic polished surface. While keeping the strength of standard lacquered finishes, this finish gives things a more muted, matte look. In busy cities like London, where natural light can be hard to come by, Matt Lacquered Finish’s ability to cut down on glare is a nice bonus. It goes well with modern and simple interior designs and makes a beautiful background for city life.

Engineered Wood Flooring in UK

5. Smoked Finish

The best engineered wood flooring makers in the UK use smoked finishes to show how skilled their workers are. The careful process involves putting the wood in an area with ammonia fumes, which darkens the natural color and gives it a rich, brown look. As a result, the flooring has a lot of depth and personality, making it a great choice for people who want to make their houses feel warm and welcoming. Smoked finishes look great in traditional or rustic interiors because they blend in perfectly with the rest of the decor.

6. White Oiled Finish

White Oiled Finish is a captivating choice among the 7 finishes of Engineered Wood Flooring UK. T. This finish gives any room a feeling of being light and airy. Putting a white oil on the wood makes it do two main things: guard it and let light shine through it. The white oil protects the wood from damage and makes its natural color lighter at the same time. The result is a bright and refreshed floor that looks great in modern and Scandinavian-style rooms. The best thing about white oiled finishes is that they bring out the intricate grain patterns in the wood, giving your living spaces a touch of class and grace.

7. Antique Finish

There are 7 finishes for engineered wood flooring in the UK, and the Antique Finish is one of the most beautiful. Some people like it because they like the look of old, worn wood. With a number of techniques that skillfully distress the wood’s surface, this unique finish is created, giving it a classic, worn-in look. There’s more to engineered wood flooring with the Antique Finish than just how it looks. It gives any room it’s placed a sense of history and character. This makes it a great choice, especially for homes with a vintage or eclectic style of decor, because it mix old-world charm with modern living areas so well.


In conclusion, when choosing engineered wood flooring options for your home in the UK, the finish you select plays a crucial role in the overall aesthetics and durability of your flooring. Lacquered finishes have a shiny look, oiled finishes have a more natural look, and smoked or antique finishes have their own unique look. There is a finish for every style and taste. Think about how you live and how you want your room to look when making your choice. Then you can enjoy beautiful, long-lasting flooring for many years. Look at what the best engineered wood flooring companies in the UK have to offer to find the right style for your room.

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