Choose Engineered Flooring

Hardwood flooring traditionally comes into thick solid wood boards. Solid hardwood is still readily available but Trade flooring provides planned floors – boards constructed from a smaller top layer of hardwood that are linked with other layers to avoid a movement of the floor during expansion and contraction cycles. There are tangential, radial, and longitudinal movements throughout the wood. To inhibit the natural movement of wood with Trade flooring manufactured woods, you are generating opposing forces in the board.

Choose Prefinished Flooring

Hardwood planks can be ordered with a raw face that will be completed by a professional after installation, or they can be ordered prefinished with the stain and topcoat already applied. Prefinished wood has the advantage of knowing precisely what you’re receiving, with an exact sample to use in harmonizing your home’s color palette and selecting other design components like fabrics, wall coverings, and cabinets once you’ve decided on a product. Because there’s no need to add color or sealer to prefinished flooring, it takes less time to install. Trade flooring offers a wide range of prefinished flooring alternatives that will complement your home’s decor.

Choose the best Type of Finish for your wood flooring

From penetrating oil to oil-like hybrids to on-site polyurethane finishings to prefinished UV-curated urethane finishes, Trade flooring has a wide range of finished products. However, most finishes are classified in either oil or polyurethane to simplify.

The oil penetrates the wood with a very soft, dull, and natural look and feel. But the wood surface is more resistant to wearing and tear, in particular for those with children. It is not as imperishable to stains and damage as the polyurethane

It’s easier to scratch oil, but also less apparent. They can also easily be treated spot by spot if a problem exists. You normally need to replace a whole piece of the floor with polyurethane.

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