Our experts constantly get queries, with pictures asking them if their floor is same or different in different rooms. Well, there is literally no wrong in having different designs or types of hardwood in different rooms. But today, let us take a gander at all of the inquiries encompassing planning your home’s flooring. You know better how you want your house to be. If you want to design it in your own way, it really ok. Do it as you want, and in case you need our help, trade flooring is always by your side.

Does the whole flooring match or not?

Our first concern is what you basically want, having them matched or not. If you make this decision at the very beginning, the rest of the work will be easier for us in terms of finishing, design, and floor matching. Indeed, even little varieties in the sheets’ size or the shade of the completion will be visible. Even in matched floors, you want to have this done in stages, consult this first with us.

There is a huge difference in reality and picture, people often relate their new the flooring design on the basis of picture. Do not try this, try to have a thorough look at the flooring design and product, because any professional would not such a blunder on purpose.

Some wood floors change color

A number of wood types change their color as the time passes. For example some a few hardwoods turn into more vibrant shades as time passes. In such a scenario, attempting to compare the new and old piece of the same wood quite a long while later won’t ever work. Yet a few things do not change with the passage of time, which is length, width and lighter tones. We advise people to focus more the setting, decoration and proper organizing of room rather than putting pressure on nerves, regarding unmatched floors. Even a single rug on proper place can make that place even more charming. Lastly keep all the ideas regarding flooring organized in your mind, because if it only a mess in your mind than you can never describe anyone what you really want. But trust us, even if your ideas are not clear, our professional at Trade flooring Co will gives you numerous clue to make that idea work.

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