Solid Wood Flooring

Scrutinizing the various aspects of solid wood flooring, it is one hundred percent natural wood flooring with each board comes from one piece of solid wood, cut down to the desired size. The style of this flooring can easily be customized as per the choice of client. Solid wood is amazingly long lasting, and can go on for several years. Now people look more for germ free and more influential ways due to the increasing threat to environment and climate. Thus solid wood flooring works magically by attracting less dust, and allergy causing particles and so it is a better choice than other materials. It incredibly improves the air quality of home, hotel, office or any other building, thus helping in breathe fresh and clean.


Solid wood flooring is a classic and attractive choice for your spaces. Its natural composition helps to create a healthier environment at home and other places. It’s also a sensible choice for anyone looking for a simple flooring solution as it is simple to clean and maintain. Choosing solid wood fits with a dedication to sustainable and healthful living environments as well as personal style choices.

Solid wood flooring

How is solid wood flooring made?

What is solid wood flooring? This procedure starts with the cutting of mature trees to ensure sustainability. After being processed, the logs are divided into the appropriate thickness of planks. Drying these boards helps to eliminate excess moisture and increases their longevity. The edges and grooves are sculpted for a precise fit in the following process.

After that, each board is carefully sanded and treated to improve its beauty and provide wear resistance. The end product is a solid flooring solution that highlights the inherent beauty of wood.

How is solid wood fitted?

Solid wood flooring installation is a careful process that assures a safe and attractive outcome. The wood needs to get acclimated to its surroundings to avoid expansion or contraction. After that, a moisture barrier is applied to shield the wood from problems caused by moisture. Then, the boards are arranged from the center of the room outward, perpendicular to the floor joists.

A tight fit between the boards is made possible by joints, and nails. Finally, baseboards are put on to give the installed solid wood flooring a finished appearance. It is better to contact any Wood Flooring company in UK to get proper and lasting solid wood flooring fittings.

Where can you lay solid wood flooring?

Solid wood flooring is a flexible option that works well in every space. It gives charm and warmth to home areas. Solid wood flooring gives a classy feel to professional spaces like hotels and offices. But because of its moisture vulnerability, it isn’t advised for moist spaces like basements and bathrooms.

You can seek professional assistance on How to lay flooring. To avoid warping or damage, the surroundings must be carefully considered. It looks great in areas where a traditional, natural appearance is preferred.

How to maintain solid wood flooring

Little upkeep is the perfect solution on How to maintain wooden floor. Moisture content should be avoided since it might harm the wood. Dents and scrapes are avoided by placing furniture pads underneath bulky objects. Its polish can be preserved by applying a recommended wood floor cleaner regularly. Furthermore, using doormats at entrances reduces the amount of dirt that is tracked into the floor, maintaining a polished and clean appearance.

Disadvantages of solid wood flooring

There are a few drawbacks to the solid wood flooring. One significant disadvantage is that it is easily wetted and it is not appropriate for places like bathrooms. There are some probabilities that this type of flooring may expand or shrink. Its initial cost is often more than that of other flooring alternatives.

In addition, solid wood is more prone to dents and scratches than harder materials, necessitating routine maintenance and careful furniture handling. Despite these disadvantages, appropriate maintenance and installation can mitigate them and guarantee a stunning and long-lasting floor as suggested in this Solid wood flooring guide.

Benefits of solid wood flooring

Solid wood flooring is a popular option due to its many advantages. Its organic and classic style gives any area warmth and soul. Several styles can be chosen to fit personal tastes from your preferred Engineered Wood Flooring company in UK.

Since solid wood floors don’t collect as much dust or allergies, they help to enhance the quality of indoor air. This sustainable solution is renewable as well as environmentally beneficial. Solid wood flooring is still a timeless and traditional option for designing stunning and welcoming spaces as it is simple to clean and maintain.

Types of solid wood flooring

Numerous varieties of solid wood flooring accommodate a range of tastes and requirements. There is no accurate answer for the question: What is the best solid wood flooring?  Hardwood species with inherent beauty and longevity, such as walnut, maple, and oak, are a hit. Exotic hardwoods with remarkable sights include Brazilian cherry and teak.

Engineered hardwood combines the appearance of solid wood with increased stability. It is not solid wood; instead, it is made out of a genuine wood layer placed over plywood or high-density fiberboard. Since each variety has unique qualities, you can select the one that best suits your practical needs and artistic tastes.

Get the perfect floor of your choice

Apart from its physical properties it looks really beautiful and genuine and can definitely add authenticity and sublimity to your place. People who own this floor can easily can refinish the surface, or remove scratches or stains of any kind. Well, among so many different wood types, choosing for your solid wood flooring can be a really hard choice, so our well experienced team is here to help you find the best for your solid wood flooring. Trying to get a traditional and classy look, choose solid wood flooring. Get the next level of sophistication in your interior. Installing solid wood flooring is although a complex task, but not for our professionals.

Our team of experts do your solid flooring with actual perfection to get the desired look. No doubts it does look great, but not everyone can have it. To your good luck, we have so many other choices one can make. Contact us and get whatever kind of flooring one wants to have.

Solid wood flooring is classic and adaptable to add beauty and value to any area. It has many advantages such as personalization, and durability that make it a popular choice despite its drawbacks. Being the best wood flooring company in the UK, Trade Flooring UK provides quality flooring solutions with perfect installations. Add the extra charm of wood flooring to your homes with the guidance of Trade Flooring UK. Remember, solid wood flooring can completely change an interior space, providing a reliable and sophisticated base that makes a home healthier and happier.

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