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Solid Wooden Flooring
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Solid wood flooring

Tough yet elegant solid wood flooring

Solid wood flooring

Timeless, elegant and unique; there’s probably nothing else that can give your space that cozy, comfortable feeling quite like a beautiful solid flooring. Cut and created from a single piece of carefully selected timber, a solid wood floor not only offers high levels of strength and durability but it also gives you that tactile sensation of natural wood texture in every step.

Unlike engineered wood floorings, solid flooring is a 100% natural wood product with each board being cut from just one piece of timber which is then sawed down to the desired size. The natural texture of the wood can be enhanced through the range of different finishes; each finish highlighting a different exciting aspect of wood’s character. You can choose from Walnut, Oak, Mahogany, Teak, Ash and other wood species with a range of finishes such as Lacquered, Brushed & Oiled, Oiled, Hand Scraped, Distressed, Unfinished, Brushed & Lacquered, Invisible Oil, etc.

There’s not much that can beat solid wood flooring for a timeless, natural texture. Besides its elegant looks, it also provides you a very robust feel beneath your feet. You can opt for solid wood flooring to suit contemporary and traditional interior designs. Solid wood flooring is also long-lasting since each board precision machined from a single section of timber and then put together using the tongue and groove method for a tight and strong installation.

Solid Wood Floor FAQs

At TradeFlooring, we have over 20 years of experience sourcing and fitting solid wood flooring in London and around the UK. We have created and improved numerous hardwood floors in both residential and commercial spaces.

Yes you can repair solid wood floors and we offer floor maintenance service too! Right from small repairs to mend cigarette burns or impact damages to large repairs to cover re-sanding, polishing, etc.

We ensure the best products and installation when it comes to solid wood flooring in London and with the right care and maintenance, your floors will never have to be replaced!

Solid Wood Flooring comes in lacquered and hard-wax oiled finish. Under Lacquered finish, you can have Satin Lacquer and Matt Lacquer. Satin Lacquer creates a smooth finish and gives low maintenance finish. It is slightly glossy. Matt Lacquer gives an elegant, natural, less glossy coating to your wood floor. It looks more like an oil or wax finish but is more resistant to scratches.

This is the most popular way to finish your floor. Hardwax oiled finish gives highly natural yet resilient and versatile look to your wood floor. It helps to show wood in its very best light and protects it from the harsh effects of day-to-day life. Natural Oil is more of a traditional treatment for flooring which gives natural, classic look to your floor. But natural oiled floors offer less protection against sunlight compared to lacquered floors.

We do! We’ll come over and evaluate your space, answer all your doubts and provide recommendation for your flooring needs.


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August 16, 2017
I had my solid oak flooring installed through Trade Flooring. They did a neat job and I’m very satisfied with the finished product. I recommend their services if you are looking for a solid wood flooring company.

September 8, 2017
If you ever need solid wood flooring in London, I suggest Trade Flooring; they did an impeccable job with my flooring and went out of their way to understand my requirements.

November 13, 2017
If you are looking for solid wood flooring in London, you should try Trade Flooring. They provide some of the best solid wood flooring in UK and they did a perfect job with the flooring in my office space!