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Wood Floor Maintenance

Wood Cleaner Wax & Polish
Wood Floors Maintenance Tradeflooring

Our wood floor maintenance services ensure your flooring looks better and better with time. We provide regular maintenance services, small and large repair solutions and hardwood floor cleaning products & polishes too!

Regular maintenance ensures that your floor never loses its luxurious, warm & bespoke look with the use of hardwood floor cleaners & treatment agents. Regular hardwood floor maintenance keeps your floor clean and dust-free and keeps their protective layer intact. Small repairs tend to damages in a specific area that occur due to cigarette burns, impact damage, etc. Large repairs, on the other hand, restore floors that haven’t been maintained to their original finish. These repairs could include everything from sanding, buffing, and polishing.

Wood floor cleaner & polish

Wood floor cleaners keep dirt and grit of your floor that would otherwise act like sandpaper, corroding the finish of your floor every time someone steps on it. In addition to hardwood floor cleaning products, you can also use our polish products to give your floor a protective layer and shiny finish. You could then apply wood floor wax that will protect your wood flooring against wear and tear as well as give the same look and warmth being provided by wood oil. Therefore, you should often apply a layer of wood floor polish or wax to maintain the elegance of your hardwood floor.

Bring out the shine with some of our best hardwood floor cleaning products!

Wood Floor Maintenance FAQs

It’s never advisable to use tile or vinyl cleaning products on your wood floors. These, along with self-polishing acrylic waxes are a big ‘NO NO’. You should only use the appropriate wood floor cleaners. However, different floors types, wood species and finishes require different hardwood floor cleaning products. Always consult your flooring company as to which wood floor cleaners to use and how to use them if you are thinking of going down the DIY route for your wood floor maintenance.

Again, this is a big ‘NO NO’. Damp mops and wet clothes should never be used on a waxed floor. If you really need to use water, try a near dry mop because excessive moisture or standing water can dull the finish and damage the wood. And for best wood Floor maintenance, you can use our hardwood cleaners.

To start with, dust mop or vacuum your floors regularly. A regular buffer could help keep the shine intact. However, if the shine begins to fade, you’d have to rewax by using hardwood floor cleaner and then applying liquid wax suitable for your floor. Allow the wax to dry and then use a buffer to restore the shine. If it sounds like too much, our wood floor maintenance service can be the answer!

If you want to reduce the need for wood floor cleaners, back-breaking efforts and costly wood floor maintenance services, you could do the following:
-Have a large doormat to ensure dust & grit don’t enter your home
-Apply protective patches under furniture
-Keep high heels of your floor
-Clip your pet’s nails
-Use rugs in high footfall areas and rotate them now and then

Keeping with our commitment to quality service, we ensure your wood flooring is spotless and perfect. This includes filling the knots in your wooden flooring.


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August 16, 2017
Great service! Friendly staff and understands your concern well! Highly recommend their hardwood floor cleaners as well!

September 8, 2017
The people are very nice and helpful. Fast and reliable service. Quality wood floor cleaners at really fair price

November 13, 2017
Its Megan, I like the way team installed our wooden floor. Quite impressed with the professional way to assemble it.

November 2, 2017
They use the best techniques for wood floor maintenance. A definite yes for their efficiency and professional nature

November 21, 2017
I recommend their hardwood floor cleaning products. Magnificent products at low price. Well appreciated!

November 23, 2017
I suggest their hardwood floor cleaners if you're looking for quality products at best rates. Quite reliable!