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Engineered Wooden Flooring
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Engineered wood flooring

Engineered wood flooring
Engineered wood flooring

Engineered wood floorings are the latest addition to the wooden flooring category. They are created by binding together multiple layers of ply or timber with a beautiful top layer of solid wood. They are an alternative to solid wood floors that are fast becoming

Besides for being cost-effective and easy to install, engineered wood floorings come with a number of other handy benefits. For example, by virtue of its layered construct, these floors handle weather changes much better than solid wood floors and can deal with temperature related expansion and contraction without batting an eyelid. They can also be sanded and re-finished a number of times so as to keep them looking brand new, elegant and luxurious for years to come. The multiple layers of timber also provide higher levels of stability and durability.

The top layer of engineered wooden flooring can be any type solid wood depending on your tastes and the kind of interior design you have in mind. You could go for Oak, Ash, Walnut, Cherry, and a number of other finishes for the top layer. You can even go with varying level of thickness; starting from 7mm all the way to 30mm. Another great thing about engineered wooden flooring is that it lends itself to larger boards at a much lower cost than solid wood floors. This helps you get wider boards, fewer joints and a superb looking floor without breaking the budget!

Engineered wood flooring is compatible with under flooring heating system and has high moisture tolerance. And our high-quality engineered wood flooring could be sanded around three to five times over the lifetime of the floor to improve its life, look and feel. Also, if you're eyeing on engineered oak flooring UK, or walnut, there is a range of products at trade flooring UK suitable for every form of budget! There is a range of engineered wooden flooring products available in UK, however, what sets us apart is our affordable prices and quality of our floorings. We stock quality engineered wooden floorings and accessories. So, visit our store or online and order a free sample now!


You can go from 150mm wide to 190/220/240/260/300 right up to 500mm wide. Although, it may seem like a huge range to choose from, however, it means you will always be able to find a width that suits pretty much every project without too much difficulty.

Engineered flooring can be of lengths from 2m up to 5m long.

Yes you can repair engineered flooring and we offer floor maintenance service too! Right from small repairs to mend cigarette burns or impact damages to large repairs to cover re-sanding, polishing, etc.

Engineered wooden flooring comes in lacquered and hard-wax oiled finish. Under Lacquered finish, you can have Satin Lacquer and Matt Lacquer. Satin Lacquer creates a smooth finish and gives low maintenance finish. It is slightly glossy. Matt Lacquer gives an elegant, natural, less glossy coating to your wood floor. It looks more like an oil or wax finish but is more resistant to scratches.

This is the most popular way to finish your engineered wooden flooring. Hardwax oiled finish gives highly natural yet resilient and versatile look to your wood floor. It helps to show wood in it’s very best light and protects it from the harsh effects of day-to-day life. Natural Oil is more of a traditional treatment for flooring which gives natural, classic look to your floor. But natural oiled floors offer less protection against sunlight compared to lacquered floors.


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August 16, 2017
I chose Trade Flooring for my engineered oak flooring UK. Their service is great and their staff is friendly and they understand your concern well! I highly recommend them if you are looking for service provider who install engineered flooring in London.

September 8, 2017
The people are very nice and helpful. Fast and reliable service. Quality cleaning products at really fair price

November 13, 2017
I like quite the way the Trade Flooring team installed our engineered oak flooring UK. Also very impressed by the professionalism and expert methods they used to assemble it.

November 2, 2017
They use the best techniques for wood floor maintenance. A definite yes for their efficiency and professional nature.

November 21, 2017
I recommend their hardwood floor cleaning products. Magnificent products at low price. Well appreciated!

November 23, 2017
I got Trade Flooring to install the engineered oak hardwood flooring in my home. They did a brilliant job and I would suggest Trade Flooring if you're looking for engineered wood flooring in UK.