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Accoustic Underlay
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Acoustic Wood Floor Underlay


Acoustic Underlay Tradeflooring

An acoustic underlay beneath your laminate flooring will reduce the noise within your home and greatly enhance your living comfort.

Acoustic wood floor underlay is designed to significantly reduce the potential for noise nuisances in houses and flats and rooms for residential purpose & commercial purposes. The layer structure of acoustic flooring consists of 3ply laminate of 7.5 kilo foil faced mass layer, a 6mm closed cell, cross linked PE foam and a 5 kilo barrier. The laminated construction of the acoustic underlay provides mass and also structural separation in the overall floor construction and thereby helping reduce both airborne and impact noise.

Acoustic underlay reduces airborne noise nuisance which can be caused by things like speech, music, the television and similar appliances. Acoustic flooring could reduce impact of noise nuisance from footsteps, chairs and other furniture being moved across the finished floor surface.

Acoustic Wood Floor Underlay is ideal for both new builds or renovation projects and is suitable for both domestic and commercial applications. You can also opt for acoustic flooring solutions even if you have concrete floor construction in vicinity.

Acoustic Underlay can also be an integral component in ensuring that the acoustic flooring and ceiling construction complies with the UK Building Regulations Approved Document E (2003).

The acoustic flooring combines sound insulation with a durable resilient underlay that delivers a luxurious feel underfoot. Although acoustic floor insulation is one of the useful benefits of such acoustic wood floor underlay.

Benefits Acoustic Flooring:

Floor Sound Insulation

Although, the main purpose of acoustic wood floor underlay is to protect your wooden flooring; however, what if you could bring some peace and calmness to your house other than protecting your carpet? Well our soundproof and acoustic floor insulation products like Acoustimat, offers customers an affordable floor insulation solution to combat the common problems of noisy neighbors or domestic noise pollution.

Browse through our range of acoustic wood floor underlay products and help guides. Or else you can dial us and talk to our advisor to know more about acoustic flooring solutions.

Acoustic underlay FAQ

Acoustic underlay can be used with both solid and engineered floors. It can also be installed with laminate and ceramic tile floors.

Generally, most acoustic wood floor underlay products range between 2mm and 4mm in thickness depending on the material, the quality of the acoustic underlay products, the number of layers you install, etc.

Yes! Since all acoustic wood floor underlay products are made of temperature insulating material. Also, due to acoustic floor insulation quality, it is more comfortable to walk on wooden surface compared to floor without an acoustic underlay.

Acoustic underlay can be way more useful besides reducing noises from travelling through your footboards and floors. Acoustic flooring adds comfort to each step, curbs water from seeping into the floorboards, keeps decay at bay, reduces dust flow and improves insulation properties in your home. Most homemakers opts underlays as ideal acoustic floor insulation against temperature fluctuations.

Acoustic underlay sheets can be made from polyester matting, recycled rubber, foam, PU and other composites. These insulating materials also provide good acoustic floor insulation against temperature fluctuations in UK. It would feel warm and comfortable to march on acoustic flooring.


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I had purchased acoustic wood floor underlays from Trade Flooring. Extremely satisfied with the delivered goods. The shipment was dispatched on the promised time without being tampered. Thanks to taking care of my product!

You people delivered my acoustic underlays on time and in a good condition. I was really impressed with the product quality and the installation process. I got the best product at competitive pricing. Thanks and well done guys. Great Job!

I had heard that underlays are great for noise reduction inside our home. Thus, I installed acoustic underlays underneath my oak wood floorings from trade flooring and I am extremely happy with the product.

The service provided by Trade Flooring really does justice to its name. The underlays were delivered within the time period and the installation process was taken care of by the professionals.

: Thanks guyz for your services. I am extremely delighted with my wood floorings. Thanks to the acoustic underlays, the oak floorings don’t create any sort of noise. I think I found the best deal at the cheapest price possible. This is certainly one of the best flooring companies in the market.

August 16, 2017
Excellent acoustic wood floor underlay! I am a flooring installer and would definitely recommend this underlay design

September 8, 2017
With acoustic floor insulation benefits now I can walk quietly at midnight, without disturbing anyone.

November 13, 2017
The quality of trade flooring acoustic underlay is exceptionally good. Acoustic flooring fits really nicely on floorboards! Well appreciated

November 2, 2017
The finish is excellent, best acoustic flooring I've had so far. Many friends and family members have appreciated on the quality of the product. Highly recommended!

November 21, 2017
I am quite happy with my new acoustic flooring. Thanks to the team trade flooring who took out time and discussed our flooring needs so extensively and proved true to our expectation.