Wood Floor Maintenance

How To Maintain Your Wooden Floors

Wood Floors Maintenance Tradeflooring

Our floor maintenance services ensure your flooring looks better and better with time. We provide regular maintenance services along with small and large repair solutions too!

Regular maintenance ensures that your floor never loses its luxurious, warm & bespoke look with the use of hardwood floor cleaners & treatment agents. Regular maintenance keeps your floor clean and dust-free and keeps their protective layer intact. Small repairs tend to damages in a specific area that occur due to cigarette burns, impact damage, etc. Large repairs on the other hand bring restore floors that haven’t been maintained to their original finish. These repairs could include everything from sanding, buffing and polishing.


A Lacquer is also known as a Varnish, and is made from water-based Polyurethane. Lacquer is harder than oil so it is more resistant to scratching. If however, you wanted to recoat which maybe after 5 years you would have to completely re-sand the wood and then apply either lacquer or oil.

Hard-wax Oils are a combination of oils with a small amount of wax. Oiled finishes are more natural and tend to be more matt so less shiny. In the short term, the hard-wax oil requires more maintenance as you may need to recoat after 2-3 years. If you do wish to recoat you don’t have to re-sand, just you need to buff out the oil and apply new coat of oil.

Keeping with our commitment to quality service, we ensure your wood flooring is spotless and perfect. This includes filling the knots in your wooden flooring.

We take pride in the variety of wood flooring and the extensive choice of colors in our collections; a collection that includes distressed finish or any other that you would like for your wooden flooring.

You can have matt/satin or gloss. Matt finishes are becoming more and more popular with consumers who are looking for a natural, minimal feel in their homes. These finishes create an illusion of raw wood and are ideal for hiding scratches, dirt and other imperfections. Satin finishes are around 20 to 30 percent shinier than matt finishes. On the other hand, glossy finishes are prettier to look at but also need to be cleaned more often.

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