Acoustic Underlay

Acoustic Underlay

Acoustic Underlay Tradeflooring


Acoustimat is designed significantly reduce the potential for noise nuisance in purpose built dwellings-houses and flats and rooms for residential purpose. It is a 3ply laminate of 7.5 kilo foil faced mass layer, a 6mm closed cell, cross linked PE foam and a 5 kilo barrier. The laminated construction provides mass and also structural separation by introducing the flexibility needed in the overall floor construction and so helping to reduce both airborne and impact noise. The mass layers in the laminate significantly reduce the transmission of noise

Acoustimat reduces airborne noise nuisance which can be caused by things like speech, music, the television and similar appliances and also impact noise nuisance from footsteps, chairs and other furniture being moved across the finished floor surface.

Acoustimat is ideal for both new build or renovation projects and is suitable for both domestic and commercial applications and timber and concrete floor constructions.

Acoustimat can be an integral component in ensuring that the floor and ceiling construction complies with the UK Building Regulations Approved Document E (2003).

Acoustimat combines sound insulation with a durable resilient underlay that delivers a luxurious feel underfoot.


  Size Thickness
Acoustimat acoustic underlay 1200 x 600mm 12mm